Storm Damage
Repair Services

Should your property have been affected by extreme weather in the past year, Keystone Building and Restoration is prepared to assist with your restoration, potentially covered under existing insurance. Keystone will:

  • Conduct a digital analysis of your roof.
  • Provide a comprehensive damage report.
  • Coordinate with your insurance adjuster.
  • Negotiate with the adjuster to establish the extent of the damage.

Determining If Your Roof Has Suffered from Severe Weather

  • Immediate Results
  • Valuable Information
  • Completely Free of Charge
  • Your Partner Throughout the Storm Restoration Process

Navigating the complexities of storm damage claims, often bound by specific timelines and deadlines, requires expertise. As a Platinum Owens Corning Partner with over 14 years specializing in exterior restoration, Keystone Building and Restoration possesses the necessary training and experience to accurately assess even the most minor storm-related damage to your roof, vents, siding, windows, gutters, and downspouts.

Discover Our Storm Damage Repair Solutions

For unmatched expertise in storm damage, turn to the professionals at Keystone Building and Restoration. Contact us today to explore our roof inspection and replacement offerings, or complete our online form now to secure a complimentary roof evaluation and quotation.




Keystone Building and Restoration – Premier Storm Damage Repair Services

In the face of severe storms, the exterior of your home serves as the primary shield safeguarding your safety. However, when faced with the wrath of hail, wind, and rain, even the sturdiest defenses can incur significant damage. Keystone Building and Restoration stands as the Mid Atlantic’s esteemed provider of storm damage restoration, with a proven track record of assisting thousands of local homeowners through the storm restoration journey. Rely on Keystone for prompt and professional restoration services.

Has Your Property Been Affected by Severe Weather?

Do not overlook the condition of your home’s exterior, believing it to be undamaged. Our complimentary tool offers immediate insights:

  • • Specific Dates Your Property Was Impacted by Severe Weather (including wind and hail)
  • • The Nature of Weather Your Roof Withstood (including hail size and wind speed)
  • • Frequency of Weather-Related Damage
  • • Risk Assessment for Your Home’s Exterior

Subtle roof damage, often overlooked unless your roof is visibly destroyed by a storm, can accumulate over years from repeated hail and wind exposure. Whether you are certain or merely suspect that your property has sustained storm damage, our quick and no-cost Storm Damage Report is designed to confirm whether you need it or not.